PRESS RELEASE- Feeding the Community and Helping Small Businesses One at a Time on Wednesday, April 29th 4:30 pm

Huntington Beach Police Officers Association (HBPOA) Steps in immediately to Organize, Donate, Volunteer and Feed those Hungry and in need within the Community

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., April 28, 2020 – The Huntington Beach Police Officers Association (HBPOA) is grateful and thankful to all in the community and County for their outpouring of support.  They in turn step in immediately to do their part to help feed the hungry and help local businesses. Their job as leaders and first-responders do not end when not on duty.

“I am stunned as to not just how much food insecurity there is in our own city, county and region — but as a country overall” said Yasha Nikitin, President of the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association.  “Hard working families, children, seniors, the infirmed and more are simply out of work and/or not able to easily access, prepare or afford food.  People are hungry and can use help, we hear and see it on the front-line as first responders in our community,” said Nikitin.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 29th from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m., we are feeding the community at Buon Gusto Italian Cuisine & Deli Restaurant, 4911 Warner Avenue, Suite 109, Huntington Beach, CA  92649.  A pick-up/drive-through system with proper social distancing and protection will be in place ready for Wednesday.

The HBPOA foundation is donating $3,000 of their own funds and asked the first local business, Laird Coatings, to also donate to Buon Gusto to prepare hundreds of meals.  In turn the HBPOA is asking all to spread the word for tomorrow.  If anyone wants to donate for this or future food deliveries the charitable link is:

The public is asked to please like, share and volunteer on the Facebook page @ and our Instagram @hbpoa.

Any remaining food packages left after 6 p.m. tomorrow will be given to senior centers, food banks, hospitals, children and any/all deserving groups.  After this first event tomorrow, we will do it again and keep it up.  We will not rest until we exhaust all the time, resources and help we can provide until our community returns back to normal.